Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Assessment Results Free Printable

 My first free printable (let's try this!), is the handout I use at MDT meetings to share testing results with parents.
Speech Language Assessment Results Handout

Your free download looks like this. You can input your own name and school/district information. Download in .doc format.

This has a basic bell-curve format, and I draw lines to indicate where the student scored. Some of these get a lot of additional information written in (e.g., I might add social skills notes, brief on-task classroom observations, or articulation sounds in error--though I usually give out a Iowa Nebraska norms sheet for that). I make an original with my notes, then make photocopies for the other team members. When I file my testing protocols and notes, I often have this page be my 'cover page,' paperclipped to the top of the pile and filed right behind my copy of the MDT report.
This one has a lot less information, due to the many meetings we had already had on this student.
Assessment results handout clipped on top of other assessment protocols.

I find that parents (and teachers!) appreciate the visual format of this handout. They also seem to appreciate that it is quick to read and interpret, and that I have summarized all the most important information for them.

During the meeting, I explain the results, using this as my visual, and always let them know that what we talk about will be typed up with additional details into a formal report that they can share with their pediatrician, childcare providers, other out-of-school therapists, etc. I love that I'm not just reading any part of the report, so the information comes out in a more conversational way and I can read the parents' reactions/nonverbals.

Get it HERE, through TeachersPayTeachers (free download).
Speech Language Assessment Results Handout

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