Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IEP at a glance!

It's almost the beginning of the school year, and I've been working on my IEP at a Glance! This is downloaded as a free printable HERE

My teachers have often commented that they like the fact that this is a one-page form. Special education paperwork can be intimidating, and the IEP is no exception! I have gotten great feedback from teachers on this form.

The areas included are:
  • Student Information (name, diagnosis/verification, IEP/MDT dates) 
  • Current services (X the box)
  • Current Goal areas (X the box)
  • Testing/Classroom Accommodations (yes/no) 
  • Equipment Required (list any special equipment...picture schedules, etc)

I make photocopies of this form on our sped-designated teal paper (see TIP), then fill it in by hand. I try to hand deliver these to my teachers, not just put them in their mailboxes, so they 'see my face' and recognize that these students have something 'extra' for them to think about. 

 (TIP:  Our special education team uses the color teal to tell teachers: SPED paper!! Confidential!! Don't leave this sitting out and about!! no one else in the building uses our designated teal. Click "Read More" to see an example reminder paper we put in teacher mailboxes at the beginning of the school year.) 

Remember! If you get a copy made on this TEAL PAPER, it is...

  • From the Special Education staff!
  • CONFIDENTIAL! (Please file this and do not leave it laying out)
  • Important! (Please read)
    Thank you!
We look forward to collaborating with you!
--The SPED staff


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