Monday, August 20, 2012

Speedy Speech Basket--A Must Have!

If you use the intensive articulation intervention service delivery model, a speedy speech basket is a must-have! It makes everything grab-and-go! 

Here's a look at mine:

Dollar store basket works perfectly in size and price! 

Everything fits in, and it's easy to travel with throughout the hallways. 

I usually carry my basket and my schedule clipboard when I do sessions. On data collection days, I also carry my speedy speech data notebook. 

Here's what's inside my speedy speech basket (left to right, clockwise): 
  • Pencil Bag: *dice *dry erase markers *chipper chat wand and markers
  • Chipper Chat boards for a quick activity 
  • Sentence Starters: not always carried, but these are perfect for conversation-level practice/data, and oral-reading level practice
  • Speedy Speech passes: this makes it quiet in the classrooms! **See note below 
  •  Small nonfiction book with very short paragraph/1-page sections for oral-reading level practice 
  • small whiteboard 
  • timer!! (a must) 
  • Articulation cards. (I use these decks most often, but swap them out for other speech-sound cards so there are different words to practice with)  

Speedy Speech Pass Note: 
I walk into a classroom and put the Speedy Speech Pass on a student's desk, then walk out. The Pass cues the student to come out to the hallway with me for speech. When the speedy speech session is done, I tell my student who the next student is and the pass is put on the desk of the next student. It works for teachers, too: it's a very quiet, non-disruptive system, and when the pass is on a student's desk the teacher knows that student is in speech and will return shortly. 


  1. I love your ideas and want to try speedy speech. A couple of questions about logistics: when you pull kids out into the hall, do you have a place to sit? Do you bring them into the therapy room weekly? Monthly? Thank you!

    1. *It depends! :) some of the classrooms have an extra desk in the hallway--if that is the case, I will have the student sit 'normally' at the desk and I will sit at the side of the desk facing them. Some students I consistently see on the floor, which actually gets us more space and gives the students a break from desks (!). I have also pulled students into an empty or not-used room (last year I pulled my 6th graders into the next-door art room that was available and my Kindergarteners I pulled right into the speech room because it was close and the hall was noisy with lunch at that time). **NOTE:Of all my speedy speech kiddos, I have only had 1 parent who isn't OK with hallway sessions, so I pull that student into my speech room for every session.

      *I do occasionally pull students into the therapy room. I occasionally will pull a group of 2 or 3 students into the room, do a minute drill (each student gets a deck of cards and sees how many they can say in the minute), then a brief group activity. I do this usually when there is a special activity that day and the teacher wants speech to be quick (e.g., Science Lady or an upcoming assembly).

      Hope that is helpful!

  2. Love this idea. I actually bought a cart this year to use for inclusion in the EC classroom and RtI. I love how we find ways to make therapy work in a variety of places :)

  3. I have been doing the '5 minute therapy' for a second year, now. Love the results, the data, and the one-on-one with a student. ALL parents AND teachers love that I only pull 1 student at a time, for just a few minutes each. I guess noise is my biggest issue. Our schools have "pods" and so I don't have to use the hallway, but the pods can be as noisy, sometimes. The other issue I work with is the lack of materials at my fingertips, like you. I have fashioned a big rolling "box" that has the extended handles and wheels. I have also created a top for it to include extra items. Inside my cart, I carry folders for each that include therapy materials. Oh, and to make myself look extra dorky, I have a big clock I've attached to the side of my 'cart'. They call me the White Rabbit. :) I rarely use games, anymore :( ...I miss that part.

  4. Love it! I am redoing my schedule for the remainder of the school year so I can implement 5-Minute Kids. A speedy speech basket will be key. And I love the idea of the Speech Pass. Of course, the iPad will also be in the basket. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Love your "Speedy Speech" signs! I struggle on how to quietly and discretly get students out of their classroom for Quick Artic--I am definitely going to utilize your sign idea for next year!