Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Data Notebooks!

Another task for the beginning of the school year is organizing my data notebook so I'm ready to collect collect collect data data data! (Data drives therapy, after all!)

I've combined my favorite data sheets into a new one-page form for progress monitoring.

Progress monitoring graph on top, data collection space on bottom.

Student by student, page by page...the creation of the data notebook is underway! I have 3 data notebooks: 
  1. Preschool Data
  2. Speedy Speech Data, and 
  3. (everything else) Data 
I'm considering making a 4th notebook for my classroom observation data (time on task, social skills) so it can be a self-contained, all inclusive 'traveling' binder. Historically, I have pulled my classroom data forms and used a clipboard as I travel, but I like my 'traveling' speedy speech binder so much I may love another 'traveling' binder! 

creation of data notebooks!

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  1. I love your data sheets and ideas for Speedy Speech. I'm new to the school setting. Any chance you'd be willing to share some of your resources?? Thanks!!!