Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sneak Peek at my Speech Room!

Welcome to my elementary speech room!
  • My desk and file drawer
  • Clipboards on wall are great for quick access: mileage, schedule, student behavior data (school-wide)
  • Low file cabinet for "friendship files" with some of my social skills students
  • Wall-hanging quick-grab forms (IEP forms, SAT forms, etc!)
  • Double-sided bookshelf--AR books
  • Temporary walls are perfect for yarn trees!

Quick Grab files are great for SAT papers!

  • Quick-grab forms on the wall
  • Double-sided bookshelf holds many materials!

Organization of materials...visuals, activities

  • Storage on the left! 
  • Crescent therapy table for small groups 
  • Speech room expectations on the tall cabinet (listening ears, focused eyes, hands on work, no blurting)  

  • Lucky to have 2 whiteboards! 
  • Task "board" velcroed on the edge of my table  

  •  Cards within arm's reach on the wall
  • Easy access to school supplies in the purple bin 

I've enjoyed exploring the speechie blog responses to Jenna's "Anatomy of a Speech Room," like the one at Live Speak Love (http://livespeaklove.com/2012/02/24/come-on-in/)!

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