Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speech Room Behavior System!

We currently don't have a school-wide behavior program (we are working towards one, thankfully, but are currently in a year of data collection), so this summer I was on the search for a behavior system I liked for the speech room that would fit my needs Kindergarten through 6th grade.

I really liked the behavior system I found at the blog Sped-ventures (her post is here), so I made my own version which I am already loving!

I made my behavior signs with these labels:
  • Outstanding! (Earn 2 Stamps) 
  • Ready to Learn! (Making Great Choices!)
  •  Think about it. (What are the speech room behaviors?) 
  • Warning (Loss of stamp) 
  • Time Out (can return to the group after processing with [speech therapist] or [principal])
My students keep their picture+paperclip Behavior Chart Marker in their speech room folders and clip it onto "Ready to Learn" when they enter the speech room. Their marker can be moved up or down as cued during the speech session. 

(To make the Behavior Chart Marker: *take student picture, print and laminate *use packing tape to attach to a large paperclip.)

At the end of the speech session, I write a very brief note in their homework folder to stay in contact with parents. In the top line, I circle where they ended up on the behavior chart. (Some students can circle this themselves).

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