Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elementary Speech Folders

My speech students have 2 folders...a homework folder (that goes home and back....and may risk never being seen again, thus the second folder) and a speech room folder (that stays in the speech room).

Behavior chart marker (paper clip), stamp chart, cover page
Speech students who come into the speech room have a speech room folder. Those who are speedy speech only or inclusion only do not have a speech folder (just a homework folder).

Here's what's in each student's speech room folder: 
  • Cover sheet (goals, speech room expectations, speech times)
  •  Student stamp chart
  • Behavior chart marker (picture) 
  • The Dollar Challenge 100 tracking page (post here)
  • As we work on tasks, this folder will house the different individual visuals, projects, etc. until they are ready to be sent home, posted on a bulletin board, or filed for progress monitoring (data!).  
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My students keep their speech room folders in their grade-bin. 

The speech room folder routine looks like this: 
  • enter the speech room, find your folder in the grade-bin
  • take out your behavior chart maker and place it on the "Ready to Learn" poster
  • bring your folder to the table and open to the stamp chart, with your homework ready to be "stamped"
  • if we are  not taking anything out of our folders, the folders "go under you." (My students love this because I don't care where it is as long as it is "under" them and not a distraction. Some students choose to sit on their folder-literally, while others put it on the floor under their chair or balance it on the metal bars of the chair. This open-ended method is a great way to get compliance without a challenge from those more 'creative' students...!)
  • receive stamp (if earned) at the end of the session, re-place behavior chart marker, re-file folder in grade-bin.
This routine is faster and faster once the students are familiar with it. They like the independence and responsibility, and I appreciate the organization! 

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