Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WH "Question Wheel" Homework

I saw a circle-style graphic organizer and thought it was a great way to organize practicing WH-questions.   

Download includes a blank question wheel

I tried it as homework for both my 3rd grade and Kindergarten language groups...

...and they loved it! They were each very proud of their work. (It also gave me a good sample of their question writing skills!) 

So, I've made several more to pull out as homework as I work with WH-questions.

Bonus: Progress Monitoring!  I look forward to comparing student work over time and seeing if there is a change in question content as well as question grammar/conventions. 

...and I've decided to share :) 

Examples from my Free Download (found at my TpT store HERE)

(Word clipart) 

 Enjoy! Let me know how your student like it!



  1. Hi Pamela: Thank you for this awesome question activity -- it will be a great carryover/homework assignment for my language friends.

  2. I'm looking forward to using these with my grammar kids!

  3. What a great visual! I am thinking of adding a spinner so when they take it home the parents can play "Ask a Question".

  4. I will be trying this next year. it seems like i am always working on questions. I love that they can be taken home for homework.