Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homework: Practicing School Rules

Time to see some artistic abilities! Since starting clinicals as a speech-language pathology student, I have found many many ways to use and create stick figures...and many many ways that they come in handy! I'd guess that 90% of my caseload has seen my stick figures at one time or another!

This is an opportunity for your students to use their artistic skills...stick figures or not(!). 

I created this as homework for a kindergarten social skills/behavior intervention group. I find it useful for older students, too; they just need to be encouraged to think about the 'rules' at a deeper level.  With older students, I use the Character Counts inspired 'rule' pages I created that go with the pillar we are practicing that month. I also use them for students to think about skills such as eye contact, initiating a conversation, asking to join, and other social skills.

Here are some creative examples from my kindergarten group: 

This packet--including 8 pages of general and Character Counts-based rule pages--is a free download at my TpT store HERE. Enjoy!

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  1. I'll be using this with my high functioning Asperger kids! Thanks for posting this.