Monday, October 22, 2012

Student Referral Process: Step 1

Here is a document we use as part of the initial teacher referral when a student needs more support or problem solving in the classroom.

At our district, the teacher provides THIS documentation to the Student Assistance Team (SAT) Committee (made up of the school psych, a sped teacher, me (SLP), a general education teacher, and the title teacher) as well as the Additional Teacher Input Form (given to any additional teachers whose instruction is impacted by the area of concern--e.g., specials teachers, co-grade teachers). They also send home a Parent Information form, which most parents bring to the first meeting of the SAT team.

Our SAT committee meets (with the parent), and discusses the concerns, brainstorms interventions/supports to put into place, and decide what data will be collected and by whom. We set the next meeting date.....and see what works (and what doesn't!). This may eventually lead to testing the student for special education verifications. 
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...just saw the typo in 'blogspot'(my fingers type that SO often, but I usually catch it!)

Some students in this process end up having language difficulties that the teacher couldn't 'put her finger on.' Others end up having artic concerns in addition to classroom concerns. We continue the process, and I usually jump into speech-language Response to Intervention (parent permission free download HERE). 

If there is just an articulation concern, we "skip" the SAT committee and run right to me (!). That includes a separate form...coming soon in a follow up blog post!
Look forward to: 
*Artic referral
*Stuttering referral
*Language referral (listening, speaking, social skills)

I hope this helps those of you SLPs out there who wear as many "Hats" as I do at school! What are your other (non-therapy) responsibilities?

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