Monday, October 15, 2012

Push In Notes and Data

I often find myself taking data within the classroom setting for social skills, classroom skills, and executive functioning skills such as: 
--asking for help
--following teacher directions accurately
--following multiple-step directions
--effectively organizing 
--getting right to work after a direction has been given
--volunteering answers
--initiating conversations and interactions appropriately
-- conversational turns 
I also collect classroom data for stuttering and articulation for those students who have very high skills and are needing to generalize to other settings (e.g., classroom, lunchroom, recess, center time, specials classes).  

I have the opportunity to co-teach a small life-skills focused English class at the high school level. I do several 15-minute 'walk throughs' in second and third grade. I co-teach small group 3rd grade writing/reading with the resource teacher. For each of these settings I have found Push In notes pages helpful and effective. 

I find it most effective to have a clipboard with 1 page per student with a classroom behavior. This way, data collection is as simple as grabbing my clipboard and walking into a classroom. 

You can download these pages free at my TpT store HERE

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  1. Hi Pamela,
    I also do life/social skills with a high school group. I would love to get more information on activities you do with them. Last year, another teacher and I were able to take the group out to eat to practice social skills. It was awesome to see real-life practice!