Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IEP Meeting Forms

2 Free Downloads to help your IEP meetings go smoothly!

I used these forms last year and LOVE them! I hope they are helpful to others as well!

The first form is for the Parent. I try to send it home with the IEP meeting notice prior to the meeting. Last year, I sent a copy home at the very beginning of the school year for all the parents who had IEP meetings in the first semester. 

This form serves a few purposes: 
  1. I like to give them a "heads up" about the meeting agenda--I think it is important for the parent to understand why they are there and what we are doing.
  2. Those parents who like time to think about things are given an opportunity to prepare ahead of time. 
  3. If I send it at the beginning of the semester, it gets the ball rolling for scheduling that meeting!
  4. It is a visual, and I am always a fan of visuals! 

Some parents seem to really appreciate the form. They take time to fill it out and bring it to the meeting. I feel like the parents who do that are much more involved in the meeting than they were the previous year with out this handout.  They always like to share their notes with the team. 

Several parents do not fill it out and/or do not bring it. I'll still keep trying :) 
Download this free printable HERE.

This form is one I use a variety of ways, depending on the student. For example...
  • I fill in my notes as the meeting goes on (especially if I am not case manager and will just be filling in/editing the IEP later)
  • I fill in some of the information before the meeting, make copies, and give it out to the other team members as a sort of visual agenda. During the meeting, I take notes on it. **I am excited to use my iPad video feature as a doc cam to do this during the meeting, so everyone can see the same notes "live."
  • I keep it with the data forms so I can write notes for an upcoming IEP meeting (only with some students who I'm doing a lot of brainstorming for).

(filled out!)

(artic only student)
(artic only student...some student have multiple services listed. If they have a couple or more classroom accommodations, we look at the Accommodations Team Worksheet I created where we can circle and list specific accommodations)

I also put one in the teacher mailbox, and attach this IEP prep letter for the teachers. This form comes 3/page (I guess that's 3 free printables to help your meeting run smoother!). Some of my teachers do write down some notes before they come, which improves the overall meeting pace and participation. 


  1. I love your parent pre-IEP form so much that I'm having it translated into Spanish! I hope that's okay! Can I send it to you so you can use it too??? :) : ):)

  2. email me if you want it!!!!