Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IFSP progress note

Free Download of my IFSP Progress Note.  In my state, Individualized Family Service Plans are birth through 3 years. 
My initial notes are in the speech notes from the meeting are along the sides.

I use this for the 6 month IFSP meetings. I typically fill in my notes and make copies for the team members (parents, early childhood special education teacher, services coordinator, school district representative). I try to write this in very family-friendly terms.

I usually present my information informally and conversationally, then give them a copy for their records until they receive a final copy of the IFSP. (However, depending on the family's overall personality, I may give some families the copy as we walk through the notes.) 

I use my copy to write my own notes in, too, so everything is on one page as I later type up the IFSP final copy.

IFSP Progress Note  free download HERE

My team members (service provider, early childhood special ed teacher) have mentioned that they really appreciate getting this form at the meeting for their records.

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