Monday, September 3, 2012

A Week of Speedy Speech Activities!

This week, I'll share a speedy speech activity every day. I hope these can help get others started with this great service delivery model!

Let's start with 2 very simple activities...

Activity #1: 
*Grab any free-printable or pre-made board (or make your own!). Use chipper chat markers (from Super Duper) or other quick markers. Students say their speech word at their level (I often have them say a word 2x and repeat my sentence) then place a marker. Goal: Fill up the board! 
*Alternatives: move a single marker with each production and see how far they can make it. Roll a dice and move that many spaces, say that many words (phrases, sentences, etc).

Activity #2:
*Another use for chipper chat markers. These boards are easy to make. My pictures are often from google images search; some are from  Word clipart. (I can share over email!) I keep these in a page protector and rotate them for appropriate events or seasons. The most recent favorite was the local football team logo!

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