Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Week of Speedy Speech Activities: Thursday!

Activity #5: "Plix" 

Plix is an activity that can be ordered for specific speech sounds. I "inherited" these from previous SLPs (it was a speech office cabinet find!). I liked the activity so much (it's a very flexible and adaptable activity!) that I made my own for the articulation sounds I was 'missing' in my set using BoardMaker. 

To Play: Student draws a card, and says the 2 words written. The student then places the card touching the end of another card (dominoes style). If the student is at the sentence level, he says the 2 touching words in a sentence together. When it is time to pick up, it's easy to have the student say more words (more practice!) by saying both words on the card before putting it back in the tube.

*Students like "racing" to see who can make the longest line of cards in a given amount of time

Students like making familiar shapes...a house is the most frequent!

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  1. love this idea! I just picked up some foam craft sticks at the dollar tree. Those would be PERFECT for this!