Monday, September 10, 2012

Team Meeting Agenda-free download

With a handful of students who require additional support and who have many team members who need to be on the same page for progress and success, I have found this team meeting agenda to be a great tool! (Free download HERE)

A quick "How To" ...
  • Gather information from team members about possible agenda items and areas needing problem solving
  • Fill in the agenda items
  • Provide copies of the agenda to team members (night before or earlier is most helpful!) 
    • I try to put a copy in each team member's mailbox and I scan/email the agenda to out-of-the-building team members
  • Assign roles, if not done before 
  • Team members can take notes on the form, on their own paper, or a note-taker can be assigned and others can receive copies after the meeting  

Teams have included all or some of these team members: 
  • classroom teacher
  • special education teacher
  • speech-language pathologist
  • physical therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • autism specialist
  • para-educators 
  • student parents 
  • audiologist
  • deaf educator

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  1. I love your Team Meeting Agenda form, but I cannot download it. Each time, it tells that I have but it does not download. Is it possible for you to send a copy via email?
    Just in case, I am
    Thanks so much!