Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Progress Notes

Generally speaking, my progress notes are completed on electronic forms that are used state wide. However, there are some students (especially those in a Response to Intervention program) or some circumstances (summer programs, for example) when a progress note template is handy! I have used several different formats, and this is the one I have ended up liking the most!

(Free download HERE

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sentence Starters

Got a request to share some sentence starters...HERE you go

*Great for speedy speech sessions (sentence practice if you follow with an artic card! Conversation data!) 
*can use for quick-write prompts
*practice answering questions in complete sentences
*formulate questions to get the desired response 

Team Meeting Agenda-free download

With a handful of students who require additional support and who have many team members who need to be on the same page for progress and success, I have found this team meeting agenda to be a great tool! (Free download HERE)

A quick "How To" ...
  • Gather information from team members about possible agenda items and areas needing problem solving
  • Fill in the agenda items
  • Provide copies of the agenda to team members (night before or earlier is most helpful!) 
    • I try to put a copy in each team member's mailbox and I scan/email the agenda to out-of-the-building team members
  • Assign roles, if not done before 
  • Team members can take notes on the form, on their own paper, or a note-taker can be assigned and others can receive copies after the meeting  

Teams have included all or some of these team members: 
  • classroom teacher
  • special education teacher
  • speech-language pathologist
  • physical therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • autism specialist
  • para-educators 
  • student parents 
  • audiologist
  • deaf educator

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Week of Speedy Speech Activities: Friday!

Activity #6: Basketball 
Materials: *Hoop and ball from dollar store *Dollar Store container  *basketball cut outs 
To Play: Students say their speech sound word for the specified number of times (I have 50 paper basketballs, so I have student say words 2 times, then put a basketball in...this way in 5 minutes we will near the 100 mark!). Just before time is up, we take the paper basketballs out and the students "shoot" the actual ball 3 times.

Activity#7: Adapted Puzzle 
Another "inherited" speech room cabinet find: an Essential Sounds puzzle. (This one is great because the puzzle contains many R words when finished.) The student says the word on the back of the puzzle piece, says it again (or in a sentence if at the sentence level) and puts the puzzle piece in (the word on the back of the piece will match the word written on the puzzle back). This is an easy adaptation for any artic sound, especially if you can find a picture that has several words with that articulation sound. 



Activity #8: Sentence Strips
Having an envelope of sentences starters available is great! Just have the student read the sentence (oral reading practice), then finish the sentence with the card on the top of the pile. These can become pretty silly! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Week of Speedy Speech Activities: Thursday!

Activity #5: "Plix" 

Plix is an activity that can be ordered for specific speech sounds. I "inherited" these from previous SLPs (it was a speech office cabinet find!). I liked the activity so much (it's a very flexible and adaptable activity!) that I made my own for the articulation sounds I was 'missing' in my set using BoardMaker. 

To Play: Student draws a card, and says the 2 words written. The student then places the card touching the end of another card (dominoes style). If the student is at the sentence level, he says the 2 touching words in a sentence together. When it is time to pick up, it's easy to have the student say more words (more practice!) by saying both words on the card before putting it back in the tube.

*Students like "racing" to see who can make the longest line of cards in a given amount of time

Students like making familiar shapes...a house is the most frequent!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Week of Speedy Speech Activities: Wednesday!

Activity #4: Jack Pot! 
This is the  most student-requested speedy speech activity! 

To Play: Student rolls a dice, then says the words for that number (e.g., that number of different words with their sound, that number of speech-sound word into a sentence, one word that number of times, etc). The student then marks the board (e.g., chipper chat, their first initial or an X with a whiteboard marker, etc). 

Goal: to cover every number! (Then call "Jackpot!")

Alternatives: Students love playing "Mega Jackpot" by playing on the big whiteboard in the speech room.

Just use a small, individual-sized whiteboard to draw this board!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Week of Speedy Speech Activities: Tuesday!

Activity #3: Dice Bingo! 
This is a student-favorite speedy speech activity! 

To play: Students roll a dice. They select a picture from that # row, say it at the appropriate level (I tend to have students say the word the # of times on the dice). Mark their box. Roll again. 

Goal: get a bingo! As students gain skills with their speech sound, we often make the goal a "black out" where they try to cover the entire board. 


  • Student rolls dice, gets a 2
  • selects a word from the 2 (second) row 
  • Says the word 2 times (or, puts it into a sentence if at the sentence level) 
  • rolls again! 

*Roll a 6: instead of simply rolling again, students select any word on the board and say it 6 times. 
*If going for a "black out," have the student say each word in the row each time they get a traditional bingo (5 in a row). 
*If the student has covered all the 4s and rolls another 4, the student says all of the words in the 4 row, then rolls again.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Week of Speedy Speech Activities!

This week, I'll share a speedy speech activity every day. I hope these can help get others started with this great service delivery model!

Let's start with 2 very simple activities...

Activity #1: 
*Grab any free-printable or pre-made board (or make your own!). Use chipper chat markers (from Super Duper) or other quick markers. Students say their speech word at their level (I often have them say a word 2x and repeat my sentence) then place a marker. Goal: Fill up the board! 
*Alternatives: move a single marker with each production and see how far they can make it. Roll a dice and move that many spaces, say that many words (phrases, sentences, etc).

Activity #2:
*Another use for chipper chat markers. These boards are easy to make. My pictures are often from google images search; some are from  Word clipart. (I can share over email!) I keep these in a page protector and rotate them for appropriate events or seasons. The most recent favorite was the local football team logo!

Posted some visuals to help students learn the speech room routine. They're doing great!
Made on BoardMaker.

Dollar Challenge 2

Finally posted my Dollar Challenge Bulletin Board! (see my first post HERE)

Students are enjoying putting their dollars up and working towards putting up a speech room dollar! This is an activity enjoyed by my language, articulation, and social skills students!